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 Jason Szostek grew up in the musical theater staring in Oliver playing in the King and I on Broadway with Yul Brenner, Constance Towers and Angela Lansbury. After an year in Hollywood as a TV actor and model he realized that his first love was music.

He picked up a classical guitar, then a Les Paul and soon he had a huge collection of effect pedals. Once he got a Yamaha CS 01 synthesizer it was clear that making new sounds was what he was most attracted to. He sold his guitars and most of his pedals and bought synthesizers.

In high school he formed an electronic duo with his friend Steven Wytas who was acquiring drum machines and recording equipment . Free World would release cassettes and one was entered by WFCS into CMJ's best unsigned bands competition in 1985 earning them a spot on the Epic Records compilation the following year. 1986 they released their debut album "Amagi", an eclectic collection of experimental electronica inspired by underground new wave and industrial music of the 80s. Their follow up "The Tyranny of Culture" was released only after Jason started his own label, TOTC, where he also released a few of his side projects.

In 1989 he met Taylor Dupree and sharing many common influences as well as a desire to expand the boundaries of electronic music they formed Decameron and over the next two years released two albums on Taylor's Havoc Music. Some of these tracks would appear on early techno compilations under pseudonyms. Havoc Music's own compilation "Techno Criminal SubCultures" is where BPMF first appeared in '91.

In the spring of 1993 Dietrich Schoenemann asked Jason to join the jam session at Taylor's place where they had assembled all the classic early 80s analog gear. That fall they released "Acid Technology" on Instinct records and performed their first live show as Prototype 909, that night they also met Abe Duque.

Abe Duque invited all of his friends to a back room at the legendary Limelight Club in NYC telling them to bring records and gear and be prepared to jam live. BPMF was there. The Rancho Relaxo All- Stars would release three albums and tour Europe together, eventually destroying the original Ultraschall in Munich, quite literally tearing the place down.

In New York he met John Selway of Disintegrator and realized they had a common a love for the early electro and new wave sounds. They formed Synapse and created Serotonin Records to bring the funk back and thus the first electro revival was born.
Prototype 909 recorded four albums and played 70 shows. Synapse was the first American electro group to play live in Moscow. BPMF released tracks on Serotonin, Schmer, Instinct, EMF, Tension/Rancho Relaxo Records. In 2000 Jason moved to Philadelphia and went underground. In 2006 he and The Rancho Relaxo All-Atars reformed and released "The Answer Is Always Yes" and toured Europe. In 2007 BPMF released his first solo album "Parousia Fallacy" and in 2008 Prototype 909 returned with a reunion tour.

Recently BPMF has released a number of tracks and played live for Rizumu in Philadelphia and for Black Start in Berlin. He released a DJ megamix of 16 tracks on his Voder Records vodercast "Right Now". He released three volumes of his "Abide the Glide" series of portemento techno on his revived Schmer label. Played live on FNOOB radio. His ambient full length "Solaris" is out on Telepathic Bubblebath. Played live world wide from Berlin on lsb.tv. In 2017 look for BPMF live in clubs and events from Chicago to Berlin and for BPMF on vinyl on Schmer,LWA and Serotonin Records in stores everywhere. Tune in to Fnoob Techno radio on Wednesdays or Alex Berlin FM on Friday nights to hear DJ BPMF spining underground electronic music old and new.





Full Length Albums:

1991 Grease for the Spinning Junta - Havoc Music
2007 Parousia Fallacy - JSM
2016 Right Now - Voder Records
2016 Solaris - Telepathic Bubblebath

1991 Techno Criminal Subcultures - Havoc Music
1994 Analog Heaven - Instinct Records
1995 Button - Rancho Relaxo
1995 Untitled - Serotonin Records
1995 The Synapse EP ‎- Electric Music Foundation
1996 Delancey Tracks - Schmer
1996 Neurotransmitters Vol. 2 - Electric Music Foundation
1996 Ambient Systems II - Instinct
1996 Exit to New York - Instinct
1997 Little Happy Guy Saves Mankind - Serotonin
1998 Infusion - Serotonin's Revenge - Serotonin
1998 as Jason Szostek - Multiples - Serotonin
2016 Abide the Glide vols 1-3 - Schmer
2016 Sunyata - Mélodies Souterraines / Late-Night Rec.
2017 The Onset - Atalaya Music
2017 Der Schmermann Kommt - Schmer Records
2017 Sunrise on Mars - Losers with Attitude
2017 Abide the Glide vol 4 - Schmer Records

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bpmf.us/

soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/bpmf

bandcamp: https://bpmf.bandcamp.com/

twitter: https://twitter.com/bpmf_us

Resident Advisor: https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/bpmf

youtube, many live performances: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLL0qiQjbLdSID4LNhLflCYpmTOEWxXuPE


Photo Gallery

Live at Liquid Sky Berlin
bpmf live at Liquid Sky Berlin 2016

The Free World
The Free World 1986"

With Angela Lansbury
With Angela Lansbury on Broadway in "The King and I"

In the Studio 1986
In the studio 1986

DJ bpmf
Electro Chill DJ extraordinaire 1994

Prototype 909 Live
Prototype 909 live 1994

Rancho Relaxo in Mexico
Rancho Relaxo live in Mexico City 1995 with Dietrich Schoenemann and Abe Duque

Live in Cologne
bpmf live at Liquid Sky Cologne 1996

Synapse 2016
Synapse, with John Selway 2016